"Free Party : Le guide de l'organisateur averti"

"Free Party: The knowledgeable organizer's guide"

Preparedness pressures and unforeseen events can sometimes lead to errors, which can attract the attention of authorities and lead to penalties ranging from fines to legal proceedings. For those who dare to defy the rules in order to perpetuate the festive spirit, an essential resource is at your disposal: a manual consisting of six advice sheets carefully drawn up by the Freeform association.

Freeform Expertise: A Practical Guide to Hosting Free Parties

This manual, presented as a concise reminder, comes from the Freeform association, committed to the defense, promotion and evolution of the culture of free parties. Here is an overview of the main tips covered:

Management of Legal Risks and Necessary Precautions:

Faced with complaints for "night noise", fines of 45 to 180 euros can be imposed because of "sound aggression". However, the possibility of contesting exists, supported by solid evidence to defend your rights and avoid a more substantial fine, which can reach 450 euros in the event of an unfavorable decision.

Choose Location Wisely: Prevent for Better Success

In the choice of location, the preference for isolated areas and the adjustment of the sound volume according to the number of participants are essential to minimize inconvenience. Surveillance, signaling and protection are the pillars of this approach.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls: A Clear Outline of Concealed Business Activities

The events can be considered a "hidden professional activity". Asking for a financial contribution when entering an undeclared event may be illegal and lead to fines of up to 45,000 euros, or even more in the event of the participation of minors.

Meticulous Preparation: Documents to Preserve Your Innocence

In the event of seizure of material, the presentation of documents attesting to your innocence, such as certificates of voluntary work, receipts and expenses, proves to be essential.

Respect for Places and Ecology: Responsible Practices to Avoid Sanctions

Respect for the premises and waste management are essential to avoid fines ranging from 68 to 180 euros. Dated photos of the initial condition of the premises on your arrival can constitute solid evidence to contest possible later accusations.

Fighting Drug Trafficking: A Crucial Warning

Avoiding any connection with dealers and the promotion of drug use is imperative to avoid severe penalties, including up to ten years in prison and fines of up to 7,500,000 euros.

Rigorous Preparation for a Successful Gathering: The Key Steps

For large gatherings, it is recommended to declare the event to the prefecture at least one month in advance, providing information on the number of participants, the places and the means of communication used.

Understanding the Legal Process: Your Conduct in the Face of the Law

In the event of an offence, a summons to a free hearing by the police may be considered. Participation in the interrogation is compulsory, but it is essential to note that your statements could be used against you.

Conclusion: Preserving the Festive Spirit Safely

In short, organizing a free party requires the implementation of legal and practical precautionary measures to avoid any inconvenience. This resource offers vital information to guide you through this complex undertaking and help keep the festive spirit alive.

Discover the 6 Freeform advice sheets at this address.


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